Recruit Top Landscaping Employees, Improve Your Sales Process, and Justify Why You Charge More Than Your Competition!

Limited Time Offer: Buy the professionally edited replay of the 2020 Landscaper's Summit and get the DIY Video Kit Gift Box (while supplies last).

Watch This Summit If You’re A Landscape Professional Suffering From One or More Of The Following:

  • Low Close Rate + Inefficient Sales Process

    Tyler from MVP Snow & Lawn was only closing 1 in 20 commercial landscape leads… with an employee spending 12 hours per sale… And you know what it costs to hire people these days... That’s where all his profit was going! Now, he’s closing more leads than ever and enjoying great profit.

  • Wasting Time With Unqualified Leads

    Jake from Jake’s Designs, a now $3M+ Design/Build firm in Colorado, was personally spending over 80 hours a week on sales… closing a low percentage. Now, Jake has two full-time sales people and their Close Rate is 80-90% PLUS -- JAKE has enough time to coach his boys’ football team and won state…. Twice!

  • Clients Don’t Understand Realistic Budgets or Timelines… and then get angry at you

    Listen, your highest-paying clients have probably never picked up a shovel in their life. They have no idea what to expect from budget or timeline… unless you teach them HOW to buy from you with my proven Sales Indoctrination Video Script. Imagine saving 45-minutes per sales meeting AUTOMATICALLY…. Every time!

Dear Landscaping Warrior,

Yes, I AM trying to sell you something. But only because I believe it could be life-changing for you, mutually profitable, AND help you live a better lifestyle and in return, help your employees, family, and community live a better life. I am here to serve you, my team, and the green industry through sales and marketing.

Read on to see the new toys I’m going to send you in the mail if you order the replay...

If you’re sick of plain old webinars (I know I am!), you’ll love this hands-on, interactive virtual webinar which includes a Gift Box, a copy of Jack's book Get FOUND Online, a Print Marketing Workbook, and tested DIY Smartphone Video gear shipped to you.

Be a part of the 1st Annual Landscaper’s Modern Sales and Marketing Summit to learn how you can grow your business and your profits while also making more time for what’s most important to you.

Invest A Day In Yourself, Your Sales, Your Profit, and Lifestyle

What You'll Learn During the Summit Replay:

Step 1: Build The Foundation of Digital Marketing

Learn the Right Order to build your digital marketing to get fast AND lasting results. Based on over 11 years of experience with 700 companies, you’ll learn the proven Get FOUND Online system from my Amazon best-selling book.

Step 2: Establish Your Branding + Differentiation

Does everyone in your company know what’s a “good lead”, or is it stuck in the owner’s head? Define Your Hell Yes Customer + establish why it’s worth paying your company more than someone else by Differentiating Your Brand With A Unique Selling Proposition.

Step 3: Define Your Sales Process Milestones

Teach your customers how to buy -- and lay the foundation for removing the owner from sales -- by establishing a clear, milestone-based Sales Process that you can teach to a future sales person. Increase your close rate and profits while reducing the amount of time you spend on sales.

Step 4: Producing a Sales Indoctrination Video With The Landscaper’s DIY Guide To Video

What if your clients watched a video before the first meeting that saved you 45-minutes from each sale AND increased your close rate? I’ll show you how to make DIY videos on your smartphone using the gear we ship you.

Step 5: Share & Expand Your Knowledge In Group Mastermind Conversations

Break-out virtual mastermind sessions with like-minded landscape executives.

Step 6: Get Your Questions Answered In A Live Q&A + Website Reviews

Ask me anything about sales and marketing! I’ll personally review the first 10 registrants websites LIVE.

You'll Walk Away With:

  • A first draft of your 2021 Marketing Plan and Priorities in a neatly organized print workbook 
  • An improved, milestone-based Sales Process 
  • A script outline for your Sales Indoctrination Video 
  • New, current What’s Working Now knowledge + fresh mastermind ideas from fellow successful landscape contractors 
  • Sweet new video gear to start making powerful Sales Videos + social media content with your existing smartphone

Order the 2020 Landscaper's Summit Replay &
Summit Package

Includes instant access to the FULL Landscaper's Summit Replay and the Summit Package:

Lavalier mic
iPhone mount for tripod
Jack's Amazon Best-selling book Get Found Online
The Hell Yes Customer Workbook
and more!


All sales final.

To Creating Profit and Results with Integrity,

Jack Jostes
President + CEO | Podcast Host | Author
Ramblin Jackson

Get Found Online by Jack Jostes

What to Expect at the Landscaper’s Modern Sales and Marketing Summit

Check out this video from Robert, our Landscape Marketing Strategist, to get a sneak peak on what you can expect to learn at the 1st Annual Landscaper’s Modern Sales and Marketing Summit.


Was this an in-person or virtual event?

This was a virtual event. We made it highly interactive through the print workbook and gifts sent to attendees + a live mastermind over Zoom.

Should I involve my staff?

Yes, absolutely involve your staff. If you’d like more than one DIY Video Kit and Gift Box, order an additional replay and Summit package. Otherwise, we trust that you’ll only bring your staff and not share your login with the whole internet.

Is the DIY video kit a bunch of junk?

No, this is super high quality equipment that Jack Jostes personally uses. Jack has tested dozens of types of gear, and we will be sending you tools you can actually use to grow your business!

Is this going to be a day-long hardcore sales pitch?

No, it’s not. We deliver serious, actionable value throughout the whole replay. 

Should I really spend a full day doing this?

What would happen if you a) saved 30-45 minutes from every single sales presentation moving forward b) generated more qualified leads and c) learned just one thing from another landscaper that improved your business? This is an investment in your most important asset: YOU.

What kinds of businesses should watch this?

This is designed for green industry professionals including design/build, construction, lawn care, lawn maintenance, snow removal, tree care, etc. If you sell outdoor services, this is for you!

If I'm not comfortable selling over video, should I still purchase the replay?

It's totally normal to not feel comfortable selling on video. This summit replay will help teach you how to do it comfortably, effectively, and by avoiding a lot of commonly made mistakes. The DIY video production component of the workshop is only one aspect of the summit, so even if you end up not selling on video you'll still get a ton of value from the rest of the replay.

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