What to Expect at the Landscaper’s Modern Sales and Marketing Summit

Hi, I'm Robert Felton. I'm the Landscape Marketing Strategist here at Ramblin Jackson. If you haven't already registered or you've already registered for the 1st Annual Landscaper's Modern Sales and Marketing Summit, this video is to show you a little bit about what we'll be learning in the summit and how some of our customers are already using video to really save them time, better qualify customers so they're meeting with ideal fit clients, and being more efficient without removing the personal touch by using video. So let's dive in.

How Green Side Up Landscaping Uses Video In Their Sales Process

This is Green Side Up. They are a client of ours here at Ramblin Jackson, and this is their sales process. First off, you're going to see that this is a visual and it's very simple. So this is an important first step as a process is an easy way to differentiate yourself from other landscapers and really build value and be able to charge more. Seeing one landscaper who has a proven process and walks me through the steps of how my job's going to get done, adds value and differentiates yourself.

So, as we can see here, we know there's going to be a few steps. I'm not going to be able to just get a quote. I'm going to have to dedicate and learn a little bit about this customer. That will help to disqualify price shoppers and it'll also build the confidence for someone who knows that this is a professional company, that's going to get the job done.

Use Video To Disqualify Bad Customers

So let's take a look a little bit about how they use video. So throughout this website, you're going to see that there's a schedule online now, which was the first step. We're going to enter the area code for Richmond, Virginia so that way we're qualified. Right off the bat if you were to enter a zip code that was far outside of the service market, the website would disqualify you and send you a video thanking you.

Let's take it the next step. So, as we can learn about online scheduling, there's three different options of products that I can schedule with here. We'll also get this video, which is also emailed to the client after they schedule up above an outline of the process so I can start to see what's going to happen next and learn about what's coming. This is a really good way to build confidence because an easy way to build confidence is to see a process and then watch someone deliver on it. It's simple. It's like keeping a promise. You show me the process, you deliver the steps of the process. It builds confidence in your company and differentiates yourself.

What's cool about this is right before the meeting they need you to fill out a document that explains and covers a lot of frequently asked questions. Right before the meeting, they are called and they are also sent another video that outlines what they'll be doing in the consult and encourages them again to fill out the document. After the onsite consult and they work and close the client, they will get a video that outlines and asks them to write a review.

This Is How A Sales Process Can Utilize Video

We personally do it here at Ramblin Jackson and it has been extremely helpful for myself. I could send it to clients, it explains a general idea of pricing, what the next steps are. And it disqualifies. It eliminates a lot of people who would have otherwise wasted my time. You'll be learning this and a lot of other steps, including how to use video and recruitment, how to use video to get the budget, and much more. We hope to see you there and thanks so much for your time.

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